Monday, 26 March 2012

A Swift Two-Thirds

I read in the newspaper the other day that Heineken were introducing a new size of glass for their beers.  At two-thirds of a pint, the new size is seen to offer an attractive option to people who don't particularly want the volume of a pint yet dislike the ignominy of being seen holding a half.

A sensible idea.  The glass is an elegant and agreeable design and, I was informed, a legitimate measure for serving beer, as two-thirds of a pint has become an officially recognised capacity for the presentation of alcoholic drinks in the UK in the last year or so. I seem to remember one third of a pint, or a 'nip', as having been around for some time: it was a sensible means of being able to enjoy stronger drinks which if presented in any larger sized glasses would swiftly render the imbiber senseless.

So making a glass twice that volume available for normal strength beers is a good idea, and especially so for those who feel they might wish to cut down their intake. The idea of having three drinks yet only two pints is an appealing one.

In practice though, I'm still undecided whether this glass is better or worse than the others. In order to find out, I had two-thirds of a pint in one, then a regular pint in a pint glass, then a half in a half glass, and I couldn't decide.

So I had another, then a half, and then a pint but sill couldn't make my my up.

After anoth two pines then one of the new thingy ones I think a half but the pine 'cause the two thirty one more the half is pints best.

Two thirs ver good, super ide. Ver good.

Backing a mo. Just going to...

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