Friday, 8 April 2016

"Three At Once" - Out Now!

"Three At Once", my new book is out now on Amazon Books and on Kindle.

"Three At Once" is an anecdote-laden handbook about the first two decades of raising Triplets, written by someone who's actually done it - and enjoyed every minute.  Me.

Even if you are not in the fortunate position of having three children of your own age to play with, you'll find "Three At Once" to be a fun-filled yet moving read - for anyone.

It's packed with useful information on everything fathers of three need to know - from conception to car seats, possetting to pushchairs, intensive care to secondary school - and it's stuffed with anecdotes as well.  (Possetting?  Oh, you'll learn all about possetting...).  

Learn to pay yourself a fiver whenever anyone says "Wow! You've got your hands full!"; become the leader of the best gang in town; develop deft skills and talents that will make you the admiration of every other father you meet...

However, because only one parent in 6400 actually has triplets, the book is a rollicking revelation for everyone else.  Eight tons of nappy?  Five months without sleep?  Prams the size of a small aircraft carrier?  What would you do if you suddenly discovered you were having "Three At Once"?

Find out!

You can buy the paperback here:

and download the Kindle version here:
You can also use this link to get a free preview of the first chapter.


And 'Anthony Devereaux'?   It's me.  I changed all the names to protect the innocent.  Or guilty.  

It depends on how you look at things...

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